Börek of cheese, a perfect aperitif

Börek of cheese, a perfect aperitif

Today we bring you a very simple and delicious preparation in which our grated cheese will be the key. The elaboration is very simple, we will only need 20 minutes to realize it. The ingredients that we will use are thought for 4 units of a medium size. The idea of this dish is to be used as an aperitif, is perfect to whet the apetit or to prepare the stomach for what may come later.

Ingredients (4 units)

  • 400 gr. of dough row
    100 gr. of melted butter
  • 500 gr. of ricotta
  • 100 gr. of our cheese “Grated 3 cheeses” (if you are looking for a stronger taste try our cheese “Grated 5 cheeses” and if there are intolerant, you can try with the cheese “Grated without lactose”).
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tablespoons ciboulette
  • salt and pepper


  • Take a bowl and mix the ricotta with our grated cheese, the 2 eggs and the ciboullette (which must be chopped). Then salt and pepper.
  • After the first step, cut the dough into rectangles and butter the surface. As soon as you butter it, fold one end to form a triangle and place a small spoonful of filling on top, then fold the triangle back on itself until the end of the dough.
  • We end up buttering the surface again and placing it on an oven plate, which we must butter previously to avoid being stuck.
  • The oven should be at moderate power for about 10 minutes, or until we see that the dough begins to brown.