Our origin legacy and familiar tradition
Burgos city old photo

Angulo family:

The tradition of fresh cheese from Burgos.

Linking the Angulo family cheesemaking and dairy products comes from 1915 until today. Nowadays in its 4th generation, this family tradition is a courageous path that step by step, was constructed as a benchmark of quality nationally recognized.

Flor de Burgos Starts

The beginning:

From marketing to processing.

The great-grandfather, Pius Angulo which began operating in the dairy sector with the acquisition of fresh cheese in Tardajos county, in Burgos, for further marketing in Santander and Bilbao. His son Regino, continued the activity and became the first in the saga to concentrate on the preparation of fresh cheese from Burgos.

Flor de Burgos factory

1960-1970: “Quesos Angulo”

The first factory building.

In the sixties, following the creation of the General Sanitary Registry, the brothers Fernando and Constantino Angulo take a big step further and create Quesos Angulo factory, which became the main business of manufacturing and marketing platform castilian cheeses nationwide.

still life cheeses

1970-2003: “Angulo General Quesera”

National expansion.

In the seventies the Angulo family acquired the former Quesera General Española of Coprasa Group, renaming it as Angulo General Quesera that becomes one of the most modern cheese factories in Spain and led the national expansion of the family business by building a new factory in Malaga city of Ronda.

In 2003 the company Angulo General Quesera is acquired by the French multinational Bongrain power through its Spanish subsidiary Mantequerías Arias.

Traditional fresh cheese still life photo

2003-Present: “Flor de Burgos”

A new brand for a new future.

The 4th generation of the family creates Lácteas Flor de Burgos SL and build a new factory in Burgos with the most advanced technology for the production of cheese and dairy products. It is a new beginning that requires creating a brand new image of Flor de Burgos.