Roscón de Reyes recipe

Roscón de Reyes recipe

There is nothing more typical o0n the 6th of January in Spain than the Roscón de Reyes to accompany us on that festivity, although many of us have already gone ahead and we have set our teeth on one of these Christmas sweets. In this recipe we teach you how to make a yogurt cake to delight your guests.


125gr of natural yogurt
375gr of flour
250gr of sugar
125 ml of Oil
5 eggs
1 envelope of yeast
Elements to decorate (candied fruit, nuts, etc.)


The preparation is so easy. While we are mixing, we leave the oven to preheat above 180 degrees. In a bowl we toss the yogurt, sugar, oil and eggs. We beat it well and then add the flour and the yeast. We continue beating until the result is a uniform mixture without lumps. We can help if we want a blender.

Then butter a mold to avoid sticking our roscón and pour the mixture into it. We introduce it in the oven and leave it for about 15-20 min. Optionally we can decorate our yogurt roscón with candied fruit, nuts like almonds, etc. We can also open it in half lengthwise and fill it with cream. To the taste of the consumer!