Cheesecake recipe without oven

Cheesecake recipe without oven

The cheese cake is a classic in the bakery and its ease lies in that it does not need an oven to prepare. The ingredients are not many and are available to everyone. A tip so that the final result of the cake is the best and that the cheese cake is well set is more durable than other hours in the refrigerator better. Here you have the recipe for a cake of approx. about 20 cm in diameter.


• 150g of cookies or similar
• 70 g of butter
• 500 g cream cheese or spread
• 500g of cream to assemble
• 100 g of sugar
• 8 sheets of neutral gelatine or 15 g of gelatin powder
• Strawberry jam


To begin, let’s prepare the base of our cake. Take the cookies and crush them until they are like a kind of fine sand. You can use a shredder or windows in a bag and crush them with some blunt object. Once prepared the mixture with melted butter and mix.

We put the mixture in the bottom of our mold, which we have smeared a little sunflower oil or butter to prevent sticking. We spread the mixture well in our mold, making sure that it is well crushed and that it covers the entire base. Help yourself to a glass for it. We introduce in the fridge and reserve.

For the cheesecake we put the cream, the sugar and the cream cheese and spread it in a pan and heat until the ingredients are integrated, without it coming to boil. Once the gelatine has been obtained (the manufacturer’s instructions), the gelatine sheets must be previously hydrated. Reserve ¼ part of gelatin for coverage. We allow all the elements of the mixture to be integrated.

We place the mixture on the base of cookies and let it cool a bit before putting it in the refrigerator. We leave it in the fridge for about an hour.

To cover the strawberry we heat the marmalade in a casserole dish and again heated, without it boiling, the rest of the gelatin. Mix and put it on top of the cake. Finally, introduce the cake in the fridge without delay and let it cool for about 8 hours, but you can leave it overnight and the result will be better.