Ideas to prepare your toast with cheese for breakfast or brunch

Ideas to prepare your toast with cheese for breakfast or brunch

Today we give you some ideas to prepare your own toast with cheese, ideal for breakfast or for brunch or snack. All of them are made with simple ingredients, both sweet and savory. Use inspiration to create yours or to prepare some of these that we present below.

Toast of cream cheese, jam of blueberries and slices of banana

Ideal for breakfast. With your toasted bread, spread a bit of cream cheese on top of it and add cranberry jam (you can prepare it yourself or buy it already made). It is time then to add the fruit. In this case, you can choose to add some blackberries and some thin slices of banana. The combination of fruits and flavors you put. You can play with fruits in season, or make different mixes of flavors. To finish the toast, sprinkle some cocoa powder

Camembert cheese toast with tomato and ham

If you do not know what to peck and you want to prepare an appetizing brunch, choose your favorite bread and toast a few slices. Lightly rub a peeled garlic over the slices and add the spread cheese. Cut some thin slices of tomato and put them on the cheese. He also adds some slices of ham. Finally, you can add a little black pepper to taste.

Toast with goat cheese, honey and nuts

The mixture of flavors seems spectacular. Very simple: as in the other preparations, take your favorite toast and add, in this case, goat cheese to spread. Put some honey, but not too much, and sprinkle a few pieces of nuts on top of this.

Toast with mozzarella, scrambled eggs and bacon

Give your breakfast an American touch, prepare some scrambled eggs. You can also prepare it as a French omelette. On a piece of fresh mozzarella add a part of the stuffed eggs or the tortilla and coronalo with a piece of bacon

As you can see, there are a thousand ideas to make your breakfast or brunch something original. Try to make your own, experiment and take a risk with different flavors. To say that cooking is not fun!