Hoven cheesecake

Hoven cheesecake

The cheesecake is undoubtedly in the Top 5 of the world’s most loved desserts: and it doesn’t matter if you prefer the baked cheese cake, without an oven or the classic New York Cheesecake, any of the cheesecakes you choose, It takes all the sighs on any occasion! For this occasion we will prepare a delicious baked cheesecake.

Ingredients for making baked cheesecake
28 cm cake mold
200 grams of Maria cookies
120 grams of butter
800 ml of cream
800 grams of cream cheese
250 grams of fresh cheese Flor de Burgos
8 eggs
300 grams of sugar
How to make baked cheesecake
1.- In a blender glass, we crush the Maria cookies.

2.- Then add the ointment or melted butter and continue mixing. With this we will make the small cookie base of the cake.

3.- We place the mixture in the base of the mold.

4.- In the same glass of blender. We place the eggs, the cream, the sugar and the cheeses. we crush well. We can do it in thermomix or also by hand. As you better come or better utensils you have.

5.- Preheat the oven to 180º and enter for 40 minutes with the heat up and down. Do not be scared if when you take it out it is totally liquid. Let the cake cool and put it in the fridge for a few hours to cool. When you split it, take care because the inner part should be creamy and so it will be if you follow the recipe to the letter.