Yogurt an ancient tradition

Yogurt an ancient tradition

10,000 years ago, back when agriculture started to consolidate as one of the main human activities, you can find the first traces of the consumption of yogurt in the Bulgarian plains.

In the first decades of last century, yogurts were sold in pharmacies because their intake was associated with medical treatments to cure gastrointestinal disorders.

In the sixties, yogurt consumption grew very significantly, and it became one of the most popular desserts to date.

The first scientist to discover yogurt’s beneficial effects on the intestine’s microbial flora was microbiologist Méchnikov.

Now we know regular consumption of yogurt brings many more benefits than what he thought, including:

·       It is a great source of protein and minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus

·       Prevents and reduces diarrhea symptoms

·       Reduces blood cholesterol

·       Prevents colon cancer

·       Combats overweight

·       Relieves the allergy symptoms and boosts the immune system

·       Protects the teeth and improves the skin looks and tone

Nowadays, there are many yogurt flavors and aromas, but we at Flor de Burgos propose a delicious and healthy variety, unique in the market, which is the Aloe Vera yogurt. It adds the Aloe Vera benefits to the yogurt benefits.

Aloe Vera is widely applied externally for skin care, but eating it provides a nutritional supplement and is considered to even have more benefits than when applied externally: Aloe Vera is a liver detoxifier, it provides vitamins and minerals, prevents constipation, is heart healthy and boosts the immune system.

We at Flor de Burgos recommend you to take care of yourself each day with this healthy yogurt variety.