What foods should incorporate an ideal breakfast

What foods should incorporate an ideal breakfast

One of the most important meals of the day is, without a doubt, breakfast. Many people do without him and this is reflected in the lack of energy, apathy and fatigue throughout the day. It is necessary to provide breakfast with a healthy and balanced variety of foods. In this article we explain how an ideal breakfast should be.

The morning begins with energies

The level of strength we have throughout the morning will depend on what our breakfast was. Breakfast breaks the fast of the night and makes us start our body again. The type of breakfast depends on various factors such as our state of mind, our physical and mental performance, and avoid energy deficiencies throughout the day.

For our breakfast to be balanced, it must contain a balance between carbohydrates, proteins, fats and fiber. The content of this meal depends in a certain way on the place where we are. In this case, we will focus on a breakfast of Mediterranean culture. Some of the elements that we must include are:

  • Dairy: They help us strengthen our bones and for growth, so we must add them to our diet. There are many ways to take dairy products. We can opt for those more digestive yogurt, fresh cheese or cottage cheese, or take them without lactose for those who are intolerant. We can also replace them with juice.
  • Cereals: Preferably have a low sugar content, as may be the case with flaked oats. If we prefer to opt for bread as part of the carbohydrate ration, we must choose those that contain wholemeal flour.
  • Nuts: They contain healthy fats and protein. If you are going to take them, make them raw, without toasting or frying. Almonds or nuts are an example of this.
  • Proteins: Serrano or cooked ham, as well as turkey, in the right amounts, will provide us with our protein ration in the morning. They are useful in the creation of muscle and cell tissue.
  • Fruits: If possible, seasonal. It is better to take the fruit in solid than in juices, to avoid insulin spikes that can affect our metabolism, and to obtain the necessary amount of fiber. Most of it is on the skin.
  • Olive oil: The protagonist in any Mediterranean diet, large container of oleic acid and with countless benefits for our health.