Reduce calories from cheese

Reduce calories from cheese

We all know that the cheese is delicious, but also that it is a caloric food. Although there are often more foods that are taken with cheese that add up those extra calories. Bread, cookies, butter, potatoes, pasta and cream – all these delicious foods from day to day – are adding kilos if we do not control the proportions.
Do not worry that the good news is that there are ways to taste the cheese without performing too much calorie excess. For example fresh and tender cheeses are less caloric since they have a higher water content. Here’s a short list of calories per 100g. You have to keep in mind that the recommended amount for one serving is usually less than one-third of this.

Lean cheeses (per 100g); Fresh and tender cheeses

Cottage cheese: 114 calories
Fresh cheese: 50 calories
Goat cheese: 160 calories
Quark: 66 calories
Ricotta: 134 calories

Semigloss cheeses (per 100g); White and Greek rind cheeses

Brie: 296 calories
Camembert: 283 calories
Feta: 262 calories
Halloumi: 315 calories
Mozzarella: 274 calories

Fatty cheeses (per 100g); Dried cheeses and those with added cream

Cured cheddar: 416 calories
Gruyère: 409 calories
Pecorino: 397 calories
Stilton: 412 calories
Mascarpone: 435 calories
Parmesan: 401 calories

Watch the size of your portion!

As we have seen, the problem is not so much that all cheese is highly caloric, but rather the amount we eat. It is also worth controlling their consumption, because cheese is high in saturated fats.

Reduce carbohydrates

Another strategy is to reduce the accompaniments with carbohydrates in the form of bread or crackers. There are many elegant alternatives to Spartan crispy rye crackers. Here are some ideas with lean cheeses:
Stewed celery stems with flavored quark.

Thin slices of cucumber with quark or fresh cheese
Cherry tomatoes, split and stuffed with fresh cheese
Watermelon and mozzarella skewers