Properties of fresh cheese

Properties of fresh cheese

Cheese is very present in our lives. Its almost infinite range makes us indecisive when we reach the dairy shelves of the supermarket, where we find dozens of types of cheeses, each with a different flavor and different characteristics.

Today we want to introduce you to the properties of fresh cheese, the type of cheese that is present in all diets due to its low calorie and fat content, but that provides us with many more benefits than weight loss.

Main benefits of fresh cheese

Rich in calcium

One of the first properties that we always see in cheeses is, obviously, its richness in calcium. Indeed, among the properties of fresh cheese or burgos cheese we also find a high proportion of calcium as it is a dairy product.

Maintaining a diet where calcium is very present is essential at any age, from childhood to old age, this mineral provides us with very important benefits for our bones, which we should never neglect.

Rich in potassium

In general, most cheeses have a high proportion of potassium compared to other foods, making them the ideal snack before a day of frenetic activity, in the moments before a sports competition or if we are weak and tired. Potassium gives us energy to face our day to day.

Rich in phosphorus

Maintaining brain functions in optimal state and young memory are two of the tasks that are assigned to phosphorus. Another of the properties of fresh cheese is its richness in phosphorus, so if you are carrying out a diet, it is a food that you can include with complete peace of mind since it will provide you with many benefits, adding few calories.

Rich in vitamin A

Fresh cheese or burgos cheese is one of the foods rich in Vitamin A that you can have in your fridge. As you already know, Vitamin A is very important to keep our defenses strong, have young skin and properly maintain our eye health.

In addition, it is recommended for both men and women because it increases the amount of sperm and reduces the pain associated with menstruation.

Rich in sodium

It is not good to abuse foods that contain a lot of sodium, especially if you are a person prone to hypertension, but in this particular case the benefits that you can extract from the properties of fresh cheese are greater than the negative effects that this sodium supplement gives you. Can cause.

In addition, sodium also has positive effects, such as preventing dehydration of our body after excessive sweating or in very hot seasons.