Products without lactose, the best solution for the intolerant

Products without lactose, the best solution for the intolerant

Flor de Burgos lactose-free products have become the best option for people suffering from lactose intolerance. This circumstance, and the way of manufacturing these articles, are the two aspects that we will comment next.

Lactose allergy

Lactose allergy usually occurs in childhood, cow’s milk, although it can also occur with other mammals, which causes it. The immune system considers this food as a threat and reacts by trying to expel what is ingested as soon as possible. In addition, allergic skin reactions, wheezing, diarrhea, watery eyes and even anaphylaxis may occur.

The advantages of lactose-free products

Lactase is added to create a lactose-free dairy product. This substance makes glucose and galactose separate, thus avoiding digestive problems. Interestingly, in people intolerant to lactose has been observed a lactase deficiency that they receive, precisely, when taking this type of articles.

It is usual for many people to doubt whether this separation of sugars from milk affects, or not, their nutritional properties. The only thing that is achieved with lactase is a natural process that does not affect the contribution of nutrients at any time.

In fact, many people without intolerance consider that lactose-free products are much easier to digest due to this circumstance. In Flor de Burgos we bet to pay special attention to this process to always offer high quality items that allow you to enjoy its flavor and texture.

Lactose-free products are, therefore, healthy and safe with regard to their daily use. Having the certainty that your intake will not cause any harm is always a guarantee that lactose intolerant people appreciate.