Pork with Gouda cheese sauce

Pork with Gouda cheese sauce

This recipe we love because it is very easy to prepare and the meat is always very juicy, also with the variety of cheeses that exist can be done in different ways, depending on the cheese that we like the most. For today we have chosen the Gouda cheese.


• A pork tenderloin
• Cognac or Brandy
• Half an onion
• Cream or cream
• 100 gr. of Gouda cheese
• Two or three small potatoes
• Salt
• Pepper
• Oil


Peel, wash and cut the potatoes in medium tacos and put in a large pan with plenty of oil; first to low fire until they are soft and then to live fire to brown them.

For the meat; Cut the tenderloin into medallions about 2 fingers thick, crush lightly and season with salt.

We put a few drops of olive oil in a pan; better non-stick; and over a high heat, brown the sirloins on both sides so that they seal on the outside but remain juicy on the inside and remove.
In the same pan we make a rehash with the onion cut very thin; We leave on low heat with a little oil and salt until soft.

Pour the cognac or brandy in the pan and let it reduce a little, add the cream or cream and let it boil, add the Gouda cheese and add it to the cream and let it boil; Now if we want to have a very fine cheese sauce we can pass the sauce through the blender.

Once we have the sauce ready we have 2 options for meat

Place and put a little sauce on top of each medallion.

Incorporate the sirloins that we had marked; we let it cook until this is its point; moving the casserole from time to time; It will take between 5-7 minutes until it is at its point.