Flor de Burgos Aloe Vera Quark still life image

New dairy family with Aloe Vera

Flor de Burgos incorporated into its product range yoghurt and quark with aloe vera, becoming a pioneer in its development..

Flor de Burgos bet again for innovation, offering healthy and natural products, which provide a bonus to your health. Since our inception we have responded to this concern by developing low-fat dairy, lactose free, low in salt … etc, meeting the new demands of the market and, in particular, to new healthy lifestyles.

Aloe Vera or aloe cares for you inside and out.
Aloe Vera is widely known for its many beneficial health and beauty properties. Recent studies have concluded that Aloe Vera promotes good regulation of the digestive system, the effective functioning of the immune system against infections and has anti-inflammatory properties that help you eliminate acne, because it promotes skin regeneration.

Taking care of yourself now is a pleasure
The new dairy family of Flor de Burgos with Aloe Vera is unique in the market, suitable for the most demanding, seeking natural products that contain many nutrients and vitamins, no artificial colors or preservatives.
In addition to the many benefits of Aloe Vera its low fat levels help maintain normal cholesterol levels and are a true delight for the palate.
A balanced harmony of soft flavors, delicate textures, creamy pleasure and pleasant freshness that will make you enjoy while you take care of yourself inside and out.