Ideas for making a variety of sandwiches

Ideas for making a variety of sandwiches

The sandwiches are a classic in the food. They can be taken at breakfast, as a snack at lunch, or to kill the worm at any time of the day. It can be elaborated in a thousand ways, and it can contain very diverse products. We are going to give you some ideas to prepare yours. All of them have a common denominator: cheese.

Sandwich Club: a classic

The club sandwich is one of the most famous of all the world, and its origin goes back to the year 1894 in New York. It consists of two floors made with slices of bread, to which is added lettuce, tomato, bacon, chicken and cheese. All seasoned with salsa sauce, like mayonnaise. The bread is previously toasted, which will give a more crisp and colorful result. With some chips as an accompaniment, the result is perfect.

Blue cheese and quince sandwich

The combination of cheese and quince makes this sandwich a delicacy to prepare hot. On a thin layer of vegetables (for example) you place some thin slices of quince and on this the blue cheese. Finally, put it in the oven so that the bread is toasted and the cheese melts. The result is spectacular.

Cream cheese sandwich and prawns

To prepare this sandwich, you have to mix the cream cheese and the mayonnaise equally. Previously, we peel the prawns, boil them and chop them into small pieces. We mix everything and anoint in the bread. It is ideal to take cold. You can also with crab sticks.

Salmon sandwich with cheese, nuts and arugula

A wide variety of nutrients to eat in a fun way. In this sandwich, spread the slices of bread with cream cheese and locate the nuts that we have crushed on top. Add to this a slice of tomato, some rocket leaves and finish with some thin slices of smoked salmon.

As you can see, preparing sandwiches is very simple and creative. You can combine it in a thousand ways and the result more and more surprising. Try to do yours at home and invent new sandwiches recipes.