How to enjoy fresh cheese for longer

How to enjoy fresh cheese for longer

We are many lovers of cheese in all its variants. One of the lightest and most liked to children and adults is the fresh cheese but, this feature makes this cheese one of the worst kept.

Fresh cheeses, unlike other cheeses, have not undergone ripening and curing processes, so their shelf life is considerably shortened. That is why we must learn how to preserve it properly to enjoy its flavor and its characteristics for a longer time.

Choose the right place

Fresh cheese should never be stored at room temperature as it would spoil overnight. The temperature most suitable for the conservation of this type of products is of 4ºC reason why it is advisable to store it in the high part of the refrigerator along with other dairy products like the yogurts.

Choose the right container

Many fresh cheeses are packaged in special plastic containers that do not affect the organoleptic characteristics of the cheese, but if you buy it in specialized stores, it is best to keep it wrapped in brown paper in a glass or plastic container.

Keeping it in this way creates a barrier between the cheese and the container that will avoid the exchange of odors and unpleasant flavors and you can enjoy the whole flavor of the cheese much longer.

Do not buy too much

Many people, especially those of a certain age, like to accumulate food so they do not lack, but this practice is not advisable if what we buy is fresh cheese. The best thing is to buy it in small quantities so that when consumed conserve all its properties and flavor.

If we still bought too much …
When this happens the best is to keep it on paper and change it frequently to conserve all the properties of fresh cheese.