How to coexist with lactose intolerance

How to coexist with lactose intolerance

We all know someone with lactose intolerance, a relative, a friend, an acquaintance or ourselves, without going any further.

Lactose intolerance is a fairly common problem among our population and it is good to know a little more information about it.

Lactose is present in the milk of all mammals: cows, goats, sheep and, us, the human being.

As a general rule, our body is capable of breaking lactose in the two simple sugars that form it, glucose and galactose, thanks to the enzyme lactase.

This enzyme is usually present in the small intestine, but it is possible that our body does not produce enough. In that case, we will be talking about an individual with lactose intolerance.

The effects that can cause the intake of dairy products, to someone who is intolerant to them, are usually: abdominal pain and bloating and diarrhea, although you know, it depends on the person.

This intolerance can occur from childhood or it can begin in any other stage of life. Any of us can become intolerant at some point, but do not panic, there are many effective solutions such as the one who gives us Flor de Burgos.

In  Flor de Burgos we have a wide variety of lactose-free products such as: yogurt, fresh cheese, cheese spread, sliced ​​cheese, grated cheese … which have a splendid taste and a wonderful texture; able to adapt perfectly in the preparation of any dish that we want to cook.

Lactose is very important in our body, whether we are intolerant or not. Lactose-free products contain a minimum portion of lactose to digest so, we can get the benefits it provides without the need of takeing some kind of supplement.