Garlic bread and melted cheese

Garlic bread and melted cheese

We bring you a delicious recipe, to take as an accompaniment, appetizer or a meal. You will suck your fingers, and never better, since it is best to eat it with your fingers.

I think one of the secrets of this recipe is to use good bread. Like typical village breads, how difficult they are to find, with their good crust and good crumb.


  • 1 Bread loaf

  • Cheese mozzarella Flor de Burgos

  • Cheese Gouda Flor de Burgos

  • 100 gr. Butter

  • 2 cloves of garlic

  • Salt

  • Fresh Parsley


Place in a glass bowl (or any other microwave-safe material) 100gr. of butter and heat until melted, add two cloves of garlic, chopped, a pinch of salt and chopped fresh parsley.

Cut a loaf of large bread (preferably dough) into squares of about 2cm. wide, without getting to cut the bottom. This step is very important since we must be careful not to cut too much. So it is advisable to use a fairly sharp sawing knife.

Use a spoon or a knife to spread the garlic butter between the cuts cracks, and sprinkle the upper crust a little.

Introduce grated mozzarella (or other grated cheese of your choice) and Gouda cheese between the cracks of the cuts.