Dairy in the Mediterranean diet

Dairy in the Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest that can consume the human being. In fact, dairy products have been part of it since the Neolithic period. The ancient Greeks extolled the consumption of cheeses and Hippocrates, in his treatises, described its medicinal benefits.

Dairy provides us with protein, vitamins and calcium

Dairy products are one of the main food groups because they provide us, in addition to proteins and vitamins, the essential calcium that our body needs to replenish in its bone system at any stage of human life.

 For pregnant women, they are a contribution to complete their gestation. Dairy products helps children to grow. For the elderly and during the climacteric stage, they serve to replenish calcium and prevent osteoporosis.

We can take this food group in different ways. Well consuming milk directly or through its derivatives. Luckily, fresh cheeses and yogurts are seamlessly integrated with many succulent dishes, allowing you to enjoy a balanced and healthy diet.

Thus, there are multiple recipes in which you can include fresh cheese, mozzarella, burrata or yogurt. A simple but delightful tomato salad seasoned with salt and olive oil is a great way to start a summer meal.

Also the cold soups, with summer vegetables like the cucumber, are associated to the perfection with the natural yogurt.

In addition, we can enjoy more elaborate recipes in which yogurt becomes the basis for making delicious fresh sauces with which to prepare meat or fish.

We can also consume them in the desserts. Exquisite and multiple are the combinations applicable to all types of recipes: in the company of honey, natural jams, fresh fruit or nuts.

And do not forget that dairy produts they are natural and tasty cardiovascular protectors.

At Flor de Burgos we strive to make our wide range of dairy products a key ingredient of your daily healthy diet.