Dairy Flor de Burgos: benefits and benefits for the organism

Dairy Flor de Burgos: benefits and benefits for the organism

Proteins are essential nutrients for the proper functioning of the body. They are made up of aminoacids which together with fats and carbohydrates constitute the main source of nutrients for the body.
The body is not able to make them by itself, so it is necessary to ingest them through foods of animal origin, such as dairy, fresh cheese or quark type, eggs and meat, or vegetable, such as cereals or nuts


Proteins: benefits and functions

Proteins are involved in the processes of regeneration of the tissues of organs, muscles, skin, hair and nails.

They strengthen the immune system helping in the generation of antibodies, which are responsible for preventing the onset of infections, diseases and other conditions
They help in maintaining cholesterol levels.
Its high fiber content balances the intestinal flora, regulates the transit and facilitates the digestion of the rest of the food.
They cooperate in the assimilation of the rest of nutrients essential for the organism.
Proteins are needed to aid in blood distribution to the rest of the body.
They are essential in the cellular regeneration, involved in the correct functioning of the organs.

Low protein consumption has harmful effects on health.


The amount of protein that each body needs depends on the weight, age and individual characteristics of each person. Including them in the personal diet is easy and tasty, as products available in our Flor de Burgos range show. Our catalog includes fresh, traditional cheeses in brine, with a soft or mozzarella flavor; Fermented dairy products, such as Greek, natural or fruit-based yogurts, available without lactose; A wide variety of cheeses: Mascarpone, fresh in cream, grated or sliced; and cream.