Coffee quark the most creamy food with low calories

Coffee quark the most creamy food with low calories

The Quark, of Germanic tradition, is a type of fresh cream cheese with a creamy texture. It is made with cow’s milk and is kept with part of its own serum, which gives it a slight acid taste that combines very well with both sweet and salty recipes.

Benefits of Quark

It offers great benefits for our body as it is a source of calcium, rich in protein and low in fat. Therefore, it is ideal as a dietary supplement for low-calorie diets.

Because of its richness in protein, it is a good ally in the regeneration of cells and promotes the creation of enzymes and hormones.

Quark cheese is rich in a type of protein called casein. Casein is slow acting and provides nutrients to the muscles little by little over a long period of time. This protein is usually consumed at night because it promotes muscle recovery and growth while you sleep. The quark cheese is an excellent substitute for traditional sports supplements once it contains no fat or is very low in it and there is no danger of creating reserves of fat.

Quark of Café Flor de Burgos

Flor de Burgos bets, once again, for innovation, offering healthy and natural products, which add a plus to your health. Since our inception we have responded to this concern by developing low-fat dairy products, lactose-free, low salt … etc, meeting the new demands of the market and, in particular, the new healthy lifestyles.

The latest addition is the Quark Café, a very creamy low calorie food with all the flavor of coffee.