Can I take yogurt still I’m intolerant to lactose?

Can I take yogurt still I’m intolerant to lactose?

Yogurt is a dairy food obtained by bacterial fermentation of milk. Its texture and taste so especially it is given by conversion of lactose (sugar, milk) lactic acid.

Lactose intolerance is the inability of the small intestine to digest this sugar, but this does not mean we should stop eating all milk, since some of them are almost lactose or is not present in proportions that the body can tolerate perfectly.

Yogurt, like cheese, but unlike milk, undergoes a process of fermentation in which different bacterial strains that are responsible for include decompose lactose. We can not say that yogurt is a food suitable for all intolerant people to lactose, but if it is not severe, we can admit a small amount of lactose in the diet. Studies show that up to 12 g / day may be fine lactose tolerated by most, but also it is advisable to take them at intervals.
According to Alfredo Martínez, Professor of Nutrition at the University of Navarra “ The affected by intolerance can consume an average of four yogurts without showing side effects such as diarrhea or intestinal pain. In addition, usually achieved good use of lactose ingested “.

Why I can not take yogurt and other dairy?
A yogurt containing
 Average 20-30% less lactose, so most intolerant, they can metabolize without any problem.
 The acid bacteria in yogurt help digest lactose

Health benefits
Source of Calcium: daily losses of this mineral in our bodies must be replenished daily through diet. The calcium in yogurt is dissolved in lactic acid, thus becoming more absorbable for our digestive system. It helps keep bones and teeth healthy and strong.
Generates lactose tolerance: this is a very important aspect, its consumption is possible between people who can not tolerate dairy products, as we have indicated previously. Milk acid bacteria contain lactase (enzyme that digests lactose).
Promotes digestive processes: Helps maintain an optimal balance in the flora so all intestinal digestive processes are favored. Furthermore this food strengthens our immune system by helping to defend against infections .
Reduce blood cholesterol values: Different studies show that low fat yoghurt consumption cholesterol levels in the blood , consequently this food should be part of the diet of those who
have cardiovascular risk.
Helps strengthen the body’s defenses: Apparently regular consumption of yogurt helps stimulate the production of antibodies ( immunoglobulin A) , lymphocytes and macrophages (white blood cells responsible for defending the body).

Remember, you have lactose intolerance does not mean eliminating all dairy products of your diet. Yogurt and cheese, in moderate amounts can be good choices to consume daily , taking into account the degree of sugar tolerance of each person.