Benefits of dairy products for the little ones

beneficios de los lácteos para los más pequeños

Benefits of dairy products for the little ones

The benefits of dairy products for babies and children are as varied as they are recommended. We went on to enumerate its importance and why the Flor de Burgos dairy products are so important for the health of the little ones.

Most important benefits of the intake of dairy products in children

Among the most notable benefits we could mention the following:

– Help protect the bones thanks to the calcium contained in cheese and yogurt .

– They provide the necessary energy so that any child can face their daily routine without problems.

– They affect the correct growth of muscle mass due to proteins.

– The habitual consumption helps the child to balance his metabolism and reduce fats naturally.

– Avoid the appearance of cardiovascular problems in childhood and puberty.

– They are very useful to vary the diet avoiding that the child gets tired of eating always the same.

What is the most recommended daily dairy intake for children?

Nutritionists believe that 2 to 3 servings in children and 3 to 4 in adolescents. It is understood by ration:

– 1 glass of milk

– 1 yogurt

– 1 curd

– 55 grams of fresh cheese

– 30 grams of cured cheese

– 30 grams of grated cheese

– 200 grams of ice cream

– 2 cheeses

Betting on less fat options is possible to make the diet of the little ones more varied and enriching. It is vital to measure the quantities and incorporate the dairy progressively to each recipe. Keeping control is always easier to achieve the best objectives with less effort.

We hope to have clarified what are the main benefits of dairy products and why they should never miss any food that children make. Everything to strengthen your state of health and the growth of your body in a natural way.