Beaten fresh chesse, a nutritious and dietetic food

Beaten fresh chesse, a nutritious and dietetic food

Many people are starting in a healthy lifestyle and this implies eating healthy products that are not harmful to our body. Luckily, we found one of them, and it’s called fresh cheese beaten.

A healthy and tasty product for dinner
That’s right, we’ve finally found a product that, besides being dietary and nutritious, is very tasty. This way we will not feel guilty about eating. Athletes are the ones who suffer the most at dinner, because they need a lot of protein but without any fat. These proteins are ideal to promote the growth of muscles.

And to top it off, preparing a dinner with fresh cheese is very simple. You only need a can of fresh cheese whipped, if possible with 0% fat. We can find it in most supermarkets in the country. Then, just add the ingredients that you like. For example, you can add nuts, strawberries to create a kind of petit-suisse, or any other item you can think of.

On the other hand, this product is very versatile, since in addition to using it as yogurt, you can spread it on bread or use it as a substitute for cream or béchamel. You will simply have to add milk until you get the texture you want and you would be ready to add it to the pasta or the lasagne. Use it both in sweet and savory recipes.

Ideal for diets
Finally, fresh cheese has a high satiety power, as it contains casein, which is slowly assimilated. And it has properties that will help us lose weight. For example, it has only 47 calories per 100 grams and provides 120 milligrams of calcium and no fat.

Do not wait any longer and get the food that will completely change your boring and unhealthy dinners!